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Welcome to the portfolio website for Network XXIII known as Higher Learning Studios or HLS. This site has examples of work completed primarily in the area of graphic design and some website development. Each section will provide you with a plethora of examples to suit anyone's creative pallet. Please feel free to look around and enjoy all that this site has to offer.

Special Announcement: Just added... from Jazz on the Road: A Springtime Jazz Vocal Extravaganza is the digital version of Jazz World News for April 3rd, 2011 in PDF format (8.3 MB) added to the Atrium of Illustration & Page Layout.

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Main Gate to Excellence
Our Welcome page of sorts to greet fellow travelers into the realm of Graphic Design with its many examples.

The Grand Hall of Logos & Headers
The section that features the most cherished of design elements ever to be assembled in one area.

Mezzanine for the Cards
All things that fit on a business card, reminder card, or postcard give or take a few rounded corners.

Atrium of Illustration & Page Layout
Creations of posters, signs, displays and other worth while achievements.

Chamber of Marketing
May contain the secret of the universe as we know it or a way of getting a hold of the mind behind the design.

Dungeon of Flash Animation
The most creative animations brought to life and able to relive with a single click over and over again.

The Vault of Resources
The section that holds certain resources that does not fall into any of the other parts of the establishment.

The Gatehouse
Only the few to dare to go beyond the walls will venture to the Gatehouse and get in touch with us.

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While you enjoy your visit, please take note in the fact that the work displayed here is a result of many hours of time and effort put forth to complete a project for a person or business. The time, effort, and resources to complete the project were compensated by the person who requested the work and therefore ownership and certain rights belong to that individual or business. Therefore, we ask that you respect those involved and refrain from copying any part of this site or the work that is displayed.